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News Releases


The Status of Women and Girls in New Haven, Connecticut (August 2012, IWPR #R355, 136 pages)

How Increasing Breastfeeding Rates Will Affect WIC Expenditures: Saving Money While Meeting the Goals of Healthy People 2020 (August 2012, IWPR #B307, 35 pages)

Breaking the Social Security Glass Ceiling: A Proposal to Modernize Women’s Benefits, a joint report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, the NOW Foundation, and the National Council to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (May 2012, IWPR #D502, 20 pages)

Briefing Papers

Recommendations for an Evaluation of the District of Columbia’s Paid Sick Days Law (September 2012, IWPR #B308)

Job Growth and Unemployment in Pennsylvania, 2007 to 2011 (September 2012, IWPR# R357)

Women and Men in the Recovery: Where the Jobs Are (August 2012, IWPR #C400)

Valuing Good Health in Massachusetts:The Costs and Benefits of Paid Sick Days (May 2012, IWPR #B305)

Fact Sheets

The Gender Wage Gap: 2011 (September 2012, IWPR #350)

Key Findings on the Economic Status of Women in North Carolina (August 2012, IWPR #R356)

A Clearer View of Poverty: How the Supplemental Poverty Measure Changes our Perceptions of Who is Living in Poverty (July 2012, IWPR #C399)

The Pregnancy Assistance Fund as a Support for Student Parents in Postsecondary Education (July 2012, IWPR #C398)

Community College Partnerships for Student and Career Success: Program Profile of Carreras en Salud (June 2012, IWPR #C397)

Gender Segregation in Fields of Study at Community Colleges and Implications for Future Earnings (May 2012, IWPR #C395)

Single Student Parents Face Financial Difficulties, Debt, Without Adequate Aid (May 2012, IWPR #C384)

Paid Sick Days in Massachusetts Would Lower Health Care Costs by Reducing Unnecessary Emergency Department Visits (May 2012, IWPR #B303)

Quick Figures

103,000 New Jobs in the Private Sector: Women Continue to Lose Government Jobs (September 2012, IWPR #Q008)

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