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Tools for Student Parent Success


By Mallory Mpare

According to the IWPR report, Improving Child Care Access to Promote Postsecondary Success Among Low-Income Parents, parents of dependent children make up nearly a quarter of the undergraduate students in the United States at 3.9 million. One of the greatest obstacles student parents face while pursuing postsecondary education is obtaining affordable, high-quality child care.

Recognizing this challenge, the IWPR Student Parent Success Initiative (SPSI), in partnership with the National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers (NCCC), recently released the first in a series of IWPR/SPSI toolkits, Tools for Student Parent Success: Varieties of Campus Child Care. The toolkit serves as an introduction to the wide variety of options for staff and administrators seeking to provide quality child care at colleges or universities, and for those considering how to further develop current services. It is simple-to-use and is colorfully illustrated with photos of children in different types of child care programs. Varieties of Campus Child Care includes examples of approaches and services offered by existing child care programs affiliated with various colleges and universities.

The toolkit is available on the SPSI website at Bookmark the page to stay tuned for future additions to the Tools for Student Parent Success series!

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