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Data from the Status of Women in the States

State-by-State Rankings on the Composite Indices and Their Components by Year

Political Participation

Women in Elected Office; Women Registered to Vote; Women Who Voted; and Institutional Resources Available to Women.

Employment and Earnings

Earnings Full-Time, Year-Round for Employed Women; Earnings Ratio Between Full-Time, Year-Round Employed Women and Men; Women in the Labor Force; and Employed Women, Managerial or Professional Occupations.

Social and Economic Autonomy

Women with Health Insurance; Women with Four or More Years of College; Businesses that are Women-Owned; and Women Living above Poverty.

Reproductive Rights

Parental Consent; Waiting Period; Public Funding for Abortion; Women Living in Counties with Providers; Contraceptive Coverage; Pro-Choice Government; Insurance Mandates for Infertility; Second-Parent Adoption; and Mandatory Sex Education.

Health and Well-Being

Heart Disease Mortality; Lung Cancer Mortality; Breast Cancer Mortality; Incidence of Diabetes; Incidence of Chlamydia; Incidence of AIDS; Poor Mental Health; Suicide Mortality; and Limited Activities.

Comparison of Old and New Composite Index Rankings and Scores (1996-2002)

Political Participation Index

Social and Economic Autonomy Composite Index


How the States Measure Up: The Status of Women by Race and Ethnicity (2004)

Women's Political Representation, by Race and Ethnicity

Women's Employment and Earnings, by Race and Ethnicity

Women's Social and Economic Autonomy, by Race and Ethnicity

Women's Reproductive Rights, by Race and Ethnicity

Women's Health and Well-Being, by Race and Ethnicity

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