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Nearly Half of Currently Exempt Women Workers Aged 18 to 34 Will Gain Coverage Under DOL’s New Proposed Overtime Salary Threshold
by Institute for Women's Policy Research (August 2015)

When looking at all newly covered female salaried workers by age, Millennial women workers, aged 18-34 years old, will benefit most from an increase in access to overtime pay. As shown in Figure 1, comparing different age groups, the greatest percentage increase in newly covered workers will be seen among Millennial women workers. Forty-eight percent of formerly exempt Millennial women will be covered, compared with 32 percent of working women aged 35-49, 31 percent of working women aged 50-64, and 31 percent of working women aged 65 and older. These newly covered include those currently working overtime and those not currently working overtime.


How the New Overtime Rule Will Help Women & Families
by Heidi Hartmann, Ph.D., Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Hero Ashman, Jeffrey Hayes, Ph.D., and Hailey Nguyen (August 2015)

This report, a collaboration between the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) and MomsRising, is an analysis of the U.S. Department of Labor’s proposed change to the overtime threshold and how this change will affect working women. The report focuses on the 5.9 million workers who would be “newly covered” by the proposed increase and explores the differences in the impacts of the higher earnings threshold by sex, and among women by race/ethnicity, household type, and occupation.

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