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Jobless Rate Among Single Moms Hits 25-Year High

WAMU Radio

" January 10, 2010 - Economists in D.C. say unemployment among single mothers is at a 25-year high and that the job outlook for single moms in our area is mixed. A report from the Institute for Women's Policy Research says the unemployment rate among single moms nationwide is 13 percent -- much higher than almost any other group, says Institute President Heidi Hartman. "We think it's because they have particular needs and when they find a job they can do that meets their transportation availability, their schedules in terms of child care, the wage rate that they need in order to be able to support their family and possibly still also pay for child care." Hartman says job recovery among single mothers could be faster in the D.C. area than elsewhere in part because of strong federal spending. But she adds that parts of D.C. and its close suburbs -- like Silver Spring and Arlington -- have larger numbers of single moms at risk of falling into poverty. Mana Rabiee reports... "

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