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Five years after Katrina… Black women, children and the poor most vulnerable Poor women remain 'in limbo,' study finds

The Louisiana Weekly
"Women of color remained, returned, or moved to New Orleans in low numbers relative to white women in the five years since Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of the city, according to fact sheets released Friday by the Institute for Women's Policy Research... 'We've spoken with more than 200 women in our current study," Dr. Jane Henrici, IWPR Study Director said last week. 'Many are settled, either in new cities or back in New Orleans. But many others are still 'in limbo' and struggling - they can't afford the new rents in New Orleans, and are looking for jobs as well as homes. Women need to become a central part of the planning processes for disaster recovery, including housing planning in all cities - to help keep the most vulnerable out of 'limbo,' especially as new crises occur.'"
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