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At This Rate, Women Won't Make As Much As Men For At Least 75 Years (July 15, 2014)

By Jillian Berman
The Huffington Post

Working women likely won’t have pay equality with men in their lifetimes. Neither will their daughters.

That’s one of the many depressing findings in a report out Monday from Oxfam on the state of gender equality around the world. If the gap between men's and women's earnings keeps closing at its current, agonizingly slow rate, women won’t earn equal pay for equal work for another 75 years, the report found.

Worldwide, the gender gap in education has been closing, but gaps in pay, employment and political participation have stagnated and in some cases even widened, Oxfam found. In the U.S., progress in closing the pay gap has stagnated in recent years after decades of steadily narrowing, according to a March analysis by the Institute for Women's Policy Research.

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