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March 2006, Women and the Politics of Morality. Dr. Amy Caiazza comments on the perspectives that women bring to the moral values debate (this op-ed was printed in several local papers).

November 2006, What Not To Wear?: Muslim Women Teach Us About American Values. Op-ed by Amy Caiazza, Ph.D., IWPR

October 2006, Our Ideas Matter: Young Women Demand a Voice. Dr. Amy Caiazza comments on the need for young religious women to participate in the fall elections in Cafe, an online magazine of women of the ELCA.

December 2005, Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock, member of IWPR's Working Group on Women's Public Vision, presented at the Women's Funding Network conference on Faith, Feminism, and Philanthropy. In her speech, Brock discusses the historical intertwining of faith and feminism and the struggle faced by feminists of faith due to right-wing secular funding of conservative religious thought and attemptsto influence the activities and collaborative work in which mainline Protestant churches engage.
> Read Dr. Brock's presentation (PDF)

September 23, 2005, The Moral Crisis of Hurricane Katrina
Op-ed by Amy Caiazza, Ph.D., IWPR
Debates about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina may be most striking for the ideas that are largely missing from them: a language and symbolism of moral values. Katrina exposed a lack of concern among many political leaders for the values they could have articulated in her wake, including compassion, love, and a need to respect human dignity. While individual Americans have embraced these ideas in their reactions to the crisis, our leaders have fallen far short of them. They seem not to understand that values like compassion could help us face many of the challenges facing our country.

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