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Convening—Accelerating Change for Women Faculty of Color in STEM: Policy, Action, and Collaboration

About the Convening

woman in classroom Accelerating Change for Women Faculty of Color in STEM: Policy, Action, and Collaboration

May 10, 2013

Women of color have made steady inroads into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines over the last several decades, yet continue to be underrepresented among those receiving degrees and holding university positions in these fields. To address this underrepresentation, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) worked with an advisory committee of experts to hold a convening exploring promising program and policy changes for increasing the representation of women of color in STEM faculty positions.

The convening addressed pressing questions that must be answered to accelerate women of color’s progress in STEM, such as: What are the spoken and unspoken barriers that make it difficult for women of color to advance in STEM fields? Why do these barriers often go unacknowledged in the research and funding communities? What are key programmatic shifts that need to be made to promote the advancement of women of color in STEM disciplines? What are some strategies for taking existing promising models to scale? What policies and policy changes are most important for enhancing the progress of collective action? Who are the key levers of change, and to what degree are they currently being reached?

This webpage contains resources and background information relevant to the convening that may be helpful to invited participants and speakers.

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The day was structured around four sessions that included brief remarks from speakers and group-wide discussion. Please see the Convening Agenda for session themes, speakers, and additional details.

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Participant List

Speaker Biographies


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Project Overview

Following the convening, IWPR plans to work with the project Advisory Committee, participants, and other stakeholders to use the day’s discussion as the basis for producing a report that summarizes key insights from the convening and makes recommendations for changes to advance the representation of women faculty of color in STEM disciplines. To learn more about the initiative and scope of work, please see the Project Overview.

Download Project Overview
Download Convening Notes


We encourage all participants to review the following background literature prior to the convening to ensure that the day’s discussions are informed by a common foundation of understanding.

The Mini-Symposium on Women of Color in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM):
A Summary of Events, Findings, and Suggestions

Inside the Double Bind: A Synthesis of Empirical Research on Undergraduate and Graduate Women of Color in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Maria Ong, Carol Wright, Lorelle L. Espinosa, and Gary Orfield (2011)
Download PDF

Women of Color in Academe: Living With Multiple Marginality
Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner (2002)
Download PDF

The Double Bind: The Next Generation
Lindsey E. Malcom and Shirley M. Malcom (2011)
Link to PDF

Where Are the Women of Color? Data on African American, Hispanic, and Native American Faculty in STEM
Marcy H. Towns(2010)
Link to PDF

African American Women in Science: Experiences from High School through the Post-Secondary Years and Beyond

Sandra L. Hanson (2004)
Download PDF

Understanding the Science Experiences of Successful Women of Color: Science Identity as an Analytic Lens

Heidi B. Carlone and Angela Johnson (2007)
Download PDF

A National Analysis of Minorities in Science and Engineering Faculty at Research Universities
Donna J. Nelson and Christopher N. Brammer (2010)
Link to PDF

Leveling the Playing Field for Women in Tenure and Promotion
Sue V. Rosser (2007)
Download PDF

Women in STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation
David Beede, Tiffany Julian, David Langdon, George McKittrick, Beethika Khan, and Mark Doms (2011)
Download PDF


Lorelle Epinosa: Findings from the Inside the Double Bind Synthesis Project: Empirical Research on Women of Color in STEM, 1970-2008
Download Presentation

Christine Grant, Marigold Linton, and Anny Morrobel-Sosa: Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges, Promising Practices to Increase the Representation of Women of Color in STEM.
Download Presentation

Maria Ong: Improving the Status of Women of Color Faculty in STEM: Policy Recommendations for Systemic Change
Download Presentation

Kecia Thomas: Women of Color in STEM Academic Workplaces
Download Presentation


Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Cynthia Hess, Study Director

Institute for Women’s Policy Research
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