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Undergraduate Parent Support (UPS)

The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL, us
Program Affiliation:
  • University
Program Services Offered:
  • Academic-Services
  • Advocacy
  • Support-Groups
Graduate or undergraduate students with children
Program Evaluation Available:
Program Description:

The Undergraduate and Graduate Parent Support programs at the University of Alabama provide an innovative and accessible academic, social, and emotional support system for student parents. GPS and UPS help to create new programs and assistance for participants, as well as implement multiple family-friendly campus events to help student parents access campus and community resources, develop social networks of support, and have a presence on campus. For example, they hold a Family Resource Fair every year in partnership with at least 15 partner organizations, including the public library, a local family resource center, and the campus outdoor recreation department. They maintain a website with links to a range of services and partner agencies and hold an interactive summer camp expo each spring. In addition to resource links, the website hosts forums that provide a centralized platform for students to communicate about various topics related to balancing academics and family. Partnerships with a local child care center and two housing complexes secured discounts for student parents using those services. GPS and UPS created and implement a highly successful “Sitters for Service” program that provides student parents with 30 hours of free babysitting each semester.

Contact Information:

Name: Jade Watters
Program Website:

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