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The Oklahoma Single Mothers Academic Resource Team (SMART)

Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City, OK, us
Program Affiliation:
  • Non-Profit
Program Services Offered:
  • Academic-Services
  • Enrollment Services
SMART is available to make presentations to student parent groups during day, evening, and weekend hours.
Program Evaluation Available:
Program Description:

The Oklahoma Single Mothers Academic Resources Team (SMART) identifies pathways for single parent students to enroll in and complete higher education programs. SMART is collaboratively funded by the Women's Foundation of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. SMART partners with colleges, universities, agencies, and non-profit foundations to educate single mothers on how to succeed in college. SMART aims to teach student parents about academic resources, family support needs, and financial aid through no-cost presentations, a SMART magazine, and the SMART website.

Contact Information:

Name: JoAnna Wall, Statewide Coodinator
Phone Number: (405) 225-9100
Program Website:

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