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Keys to Degrees- Single Parent Program

Endicott College (MA)
Beverly, MA, us
Program Affiliation:
  • University
Program Services Offered:
  • Academic-Services
  • Childcare-Services
  • Housing-Services
  • Referrals
  • Support-Groups
Academically qualified single men and women, ages 18 to 24 at the time of their enrollment, who are the parents of one child
Program Description:

At Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, new student parents must go to the campus academic support center starting their first semester. Students engage in appropriate tutoring until they are able to maintain a 3.0 average. The tutoring is tailored to the needs of the student, including study skills, review of specific course work, and making up for class-time lost if the parent had to miss a class due to their parental responsibilities or other issues. They also coach students to communicate with faculty about their status as a parent and explain any challenges they are having related to being a parent. Student parents may also enroll in additional courses during a January break or during the summer to spread out their course requirements over the year. Endicott can provide housing for students year-round as well. Endicott Keys to Degrees staff receive regular updates on academic performance in order to flag issues and offer students support as early as possible. Endicott additionally assists students parents in finding child care and other services

Contact Information:

Name: Pam Miles
Phone Number: 978-232-2011
Program Website:

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