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Family Economic $ecurity Program (FE$P)

Norwalk Community College
Norwalk, CT, us
Program Affiliation:
  • Community
Program Services Offered:
  • Academic-Services
  • Financial-Services
  • Support-Groups
Questionnaire available to determine eligibility
Program Evaluation Available:
Program Evaluation Available Upon request
Program Description:

Norwalk Community College in Connecticut operates the Family Economic $ecurity Program (FE$P) in partnership with community foundations. FE$P started its work with a pilot, serving small cohorts of students with children to help them meet their personal, career, financial and academic goals through direct financial support and intensive individualized coaching. Based on the research from the pilot, the college now intends to institutionalize the best practices to serve all students with children. Students will continue to receive specialized scholarships, free financial education, achievement coaching and family friendly activities. An online resource – Cash Course – is available to help with budgeting and planning.

Contact Information:

Name: Kristina Testa-Buzzee
Phone Number: (203) 857-7220
Program Website:

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