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Tulsa, OK
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Program Affiliation:
  • Non-Profit
Program Services Offered:
  • Academic-Services
  • Financial-Services
  • Job-Training
  • Material-Supports
  • Subsidy-Programs
  • Support-Groups
Program Description:

CareerAdvance® uses a cohort model to support parents of children enrolled in Early Head Start/Head Start as they work to earn a progression of certificates and degrees that are in demand in the local health care field. Developed by Community Action Project (CAP) Tulsa, and expanded using a $10 million federal Health Professional Opportunities Grant (HPOG), the CareerAdvance® package includes several supportive components, including Career Coaches, performance incentives, direct links to employers, and family support workers. Career Coaches facilitate weekly peer group meetings with each cohort of student parents, and provide individualized academic and career counseling. CAP has formed partnerships with Tulsa Community College, the Tulsa Technology Center, the Union Public Schools district, and the Tulsa Workforce Investment Board as well as other community resources to implement CareerAdvance®.

Contact Information:

Phone Number: (918) 382-3200
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