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Women and Social Security Alert

The Women and Social Security Email Alert produced by the Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR) provides women-oriented information on and analysis of proposed changes in Social Security, up-to-date developments in the debate, and current research and statistics. The Alert also includes announcements of key activities on Social Security, especially those of special interest to women. This Alert is part of IWPR's mission to keep women's concerns at the center of current policy debates.

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Women and Social Security Alert Fund

In January 2005, just as the debate on Social Security reform was getting underway, we launched the IWPR Women and Social Security Alert (WomenSSA). According to the positive feedback we received from you – our colleagues, our members, and advocates on this issue – this special alert system has proven to be a comprehensive resource in helping you to stay at the forefront of this topic and its effect on women. Please help us continue to produce this beneficial resource by contributing to our special Women and Social Security Alert Fund today! Be sure to type Women and Social Security Alert Fund in the comments section of the form.

With your help, we will ensure the continued distribution of this important information on Social Security reform and those most affected – women.

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