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Latest Reports from IWPR

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Why Privatizing Social Security Would Hurt Women: A Response to the Cato Institute's Proposal for Individual Accounts
by Catherine Hill, Lois Shaw, Heidi Hartmann (February 2000)


Strengthening Social Security for Women
by Task for on Women and Social Security, National Council of Women's Organizations in Collaboration with IWPR (January 2000)

A report from the working conference on Women and Social Security.

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Social Security Through the Years: Proposed Reforms for the System
by Carrie Apfel (June 1999)

Reviews the ways the Social Security system has and has not adapted to changes in women's and men's roles.

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Social Security Reform and Women
by IWPR (June 1998)

Fact sheet; Describes women's reliance on Social Security in retirement and summarizes the likely impacts of various reforms on women. Available by mail in limited quantities. E-mail iwpr [at] iwpr [dot] org to place an order.


The Impact of Social Security Reform on Women
by Lois Shaw, Diana Zuckerman, Heidi Hartmann (June 1998)

Based on Research on older women using the New Beneficiary Survey from the Social Security Administration, this report analyzes the likely impact of various privatization reform proposals on women. Sixty percent of Social Security beneficiaries are women and Social Security is the largets source of income for the majority of them. Available by mail in limited quantities. E-mail iwpr [at] iwpr [dot] org to place an order.

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