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IWPR Quick Figures

IWPR Quick Figures are designed to present timely, easily digestible graphics and information about current research topics. Browse through the full list below.

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Latest Reports from IWPR

Women Underrepresented Among High Earners in Banking and Finance
by Institute for Women's Policy Research (September 2011)


Women and Men in the Public Sector
by Jeff Hayes, Ph.D. (September 2011)


The Job Loss Tsunami of the Great Recession: Wave Recedes for Men, Not for Women
by Heidi Hartmann, Jeffrey Hayes (July 2011)


Monthly Number of Women and Men on Payrolls (Seasonally Adjusted), December 2007- April 2011
by Jeffrey Hayes, Ph.D. (May 2011)


Paid Sick Day Access Rates by Gender and Race/Ethnicity, 2010
by IWPR (March 2011)


Monthly Number of Women and Men on Payrolls (Seasonally Adjusted), December 2007– February 2011
by (March 2011)


Women’s Median Earnings as a Percent of Men’s Median Earnings, 1960-2009 (Full-Time, Year-Round Workers) with Projection for Pay Equity in 2056
by Jeffrey Hayes (March 2011)


Figures Excerpted from the Report, Social Security Especially Vital to Women and People of Color, Men Increasingly Reliant
by Heidi Hartmann, Ph.D., Jeff Hayes, Ph.D., Robert Drago, Ph.D. (February 2011)


Figures Excerpted from IWPR’s Upcoming Report, Organizations Working with Latina Immigrants: Resources and Strategies for Change
by Cynthia Hess, Ph.D., Jane M. Henrici, Ph.D., Claudia Williams (February 2011)

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