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"When suddenly your newly elected Legislature is interested in women's pay and working conditions, you know where to go! Heidi Hartmann and IWPR have built a living treasury of pertinent, policy-relevant knowledge, advancing gender equity on federal and state dockets."
Ann Markusen
Professor and Director, Project on Regional and Industrial Economics 
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

"IWPR's research is accurate, innovative, and absolutely essential to the fight for women's economic freedom."
Linda Chavez-Thompson
Former Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO

"When I need facts about women's economic status, I visit IWPR's website and access the latest information on topics like paid sick leave, access to health insurance, and pay discrimination. I appreciate that their work on these topics is always thorough, accurate, and easy to understand and use."
Holly Kearl
Founder, Stop Street Harassment
Board Member, Collective Action for Safe Spaces

“The work of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in documenting the socio-economic reality of women’s lives has brought about a fundamental change in governmental policy-making in the U.S.  IWPR’s outstanding research has informed policymakers and leaders throughout the country in order to better shape policies and programs affecting women and their families. And IWPR’s reports have been immensely helpful to NOW and other women’s organizations in their advocacy work. The National Organization for Women applauds Dr. Heidi Hartmann and her team, and looks forward to continue working with IWPR for many years to come.”
Terry O’Neill
President of the National Organization for Women

"The Institute for Women’s Policy Research is a crucial source of data and analysis for the growing domestic workers’ movement in the United States.  The issues that IWPR addresses through its research - the gender wage gap, paid sick days, unemployment and more - are crucial to our workforce. IWPR provides the data that we need to connect the issues of domestic workers with the issues of all women in this country, giving us an invaluable resource for building a stronger women’s movement that truly represents us all."

Ai-jen Poo
Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance

"The Institute for Women’s Policy Research is an incredible resource for advocates and the nation. From retirement security and poverty reduction to equal pay and employment benefits, the Institute’s path-breaking research on women and the economy have changed public policy and have made a positive difference in the lives of women and their families."

Maya Rockeymoore, Ph.D.
President and CEO of Global Policy Solutions

"The Institute for Women’s Policy Research is a crucial component of the research infrastructure that informs policy in this country. The contributions of IWPR are too numerous to mention, but as a labor market economist, I find that the work IWPR has done on women in the labor market—including pay equity, job quality, family leave, and paid sick days—is enormously important to informing our understanding of the status of women in the economy and what needs to be done to improve it. Without IWPR we would be substantially less equipped to identify and implement solutions that make women (and their families and communities) better off. Here’s to another 25 years!"
Heidi Shierholz, Ph.D. 
Economist with the Economic Policy Institute

"IWPR is producing just the type of work that is needed to inform policy making."
Robert Solow
Economist and Nobel laureate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"IWPR research is an excellent source of information for women in business, politics, and the community."

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend
Lt. Governor, State of Maryland, 1995–2003

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